4 Easy At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Today I’m sharing four easy at home date night ideas for Valentine’s Day – or any day, really! The best part is that you don’t need a significant other for any of these – enjoy date night with yourself or with your best gal pal. After all, self love is the best kind of love.

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To be honest, I am never really one for an over the top Valentine’s Day. Restaurants are usually so crowded, menus are limited, and service is never that great. I’m all for a dinner before or after V-Day, but I also like enjoying a fun night at home as a Valentine’s Day date.

Matt is still in NYC waiting on our remaining furniture. (I’m feeling like a broken record saying this. Will we ever get our bed frame? Who knows.) In light of that, we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day early with a low-key at home date night last week in our apartment.

At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Pizza and Wine or Beer Tasting

This is probably one of my favorite at home date night ideas for Valentine’s Day because it makes an average pizza night more fun. Order from your go-to pizza spot, splurge on that *fancy* pizza place, or make your own gourmet pie with a pizza stone! Now the fun part; pick up a couple bottles of wine or a selection of craft beers and have a tasting session.

We have a local wine store we love, and the employees always provide delicious, affordable wine options. Trader Joe’s also sells affordable wines and beer.

You don’t need to know a lot about wine or beer for this date night; that’s part of the fun of the “tasting.” Honestly, I choose wine based on labels. Pick a few designs that grab your eye, then open, taste, and decide on your favorite! It’s fun to even do blind taste tests and guess which is which.

Paint and Sip

If you feel like flexing your artistic side, why not do an at home paint and sip night as a Valentine’s Day date?

Decide on something you want to paint, whether that’s re-creating a famous painting or painting a photo you took of your dog. There are also a lot of paint by number kits for adults that you can find on Amazon.

You’ll need to plan ahead a little bit on this so you that you have time to pick up two canvases, paint, and brushes. Don’t forget the wine!

Maybe your significant other is a secret Picasso. Maybe not. Either way, just have fun, try not to be too competitive, and enjoy something neither of you probably ever do regularly.

TV or Movie Marathon Night

Dedicate a full evening together by watching your favorite movies or TV shows. Give yourselves permission for a night-long binge session.

It’s also super fun to go all in with snacks for this. Create a cheeseboard for grazing all night, enjoy fresh movie theater-style butter popcorn with an at-home popcorn maker, and don’t forget the candy! Some of my movie theater favorites are Raisinettes and M&Ms.

Turn of the lights, set yourself up un between pillows and blankets, and enjoy.

Camp in Your Living Room as an At Home Valentine’s Day Date Night

Hear me out: camping in your living room and NOT sleeping in your bed is actually fun. When we were getting new hardwood floor in our house, Matt and I had to sleep in our living room.

Remember when you were a kid and had campouts in the back yard or just good old-fashioned sleepovers where you stayed up all night? There’s something super nostalgic for me about this and it brings back childhood playfulness by doing something so totally not in your daily routine.

To make things a little comfier than sleeping on the floor, you can buy fold-out mattress pads. I also highly recommend an electric s’more maker for that authentic camping experience.

The fun thing about these at home date night ideas for Valentine’s Day is that you can combine them as you see fit. Maybe you want to camp out in your living room AND have a movie marathon night. Do it! Or maybe while you paint your canvas you also want to partake in beer tasting with some pizza. Great! These are simple, easy to execute ideas that add a fun twist to a boring old dinner at your dining table.

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