What I Packed for Trinidad and Tobago

I feel like I have been teasing my trip to Trinidad and Tobago forever, but it’s finally almost here. I leave on Sunday night and I could not be more excited! I love packing for trips because it means you’re going somewhere different to get a new perspective on things. Let’s also be honest here, a trip usually also means some new clothes. Yay! Since I can’t fit all of you in my suitcase, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what I’m packing for my tropical vacation.

I made this fun collage to show you all of my key pieces, and I’ll briefly touch on some of my must-haves. You can click on any of the pieces you like below and it’ll take you directly to that page to shop.

Packing for a tropical vacation is a bit easier for me than other trips, because truthfully, it’s a lot of swimsuits and dresses. However, I do try to be methodical about what I’m packing to maximize suitcase space.

One of the only times I wear bright colors and fun prints is when I go on a tropical vacation. I like to buy a few fun, tropical-inspired pieces to fit the vibe of my destination without spending a lot of money because I know I won’t really get much use out of the items beyond vacation. I found this pink palm leaf skirt at Target the other day and for $25 I couldn’t not get it.

Once I have a couple of fun, printed key pieces, I like to pack a lot of neutrals so that I can mix and match the items through the duration of my trip. I do lay out each outfit prior to packing it, but sometimes I change my mind on what I want to wear, or maybe the weather changes, etc.

Dresses are super easy to pack because you can roll them up, but I find that you can get more of mileage out of separate since you can double up on wearing them. Particularly in a humid location when you’re sweating (maybe this is just me), if you wear a dress then that’s kind of it for it for the rest of the trip. So, I’m packing 3 skirts so I can wear each of them twice for 6 looks total. For example, the pink palm leaf skirt can be worn with a white tank, and then again with a complementing olive one. (I love packing a bunch of simple, cheap tank tops because they go with everything.) I also picked up these chambray shorts at Target; they’ll look cute if we go into town or if we do any kind of boat tour so I can easily get on and off without flashing the crew.

Speaking of mixing and matching, I always, always pack a black bikini bottom when I go on vacation. I find that bikini bottoms never dry as fast as tops, so I bring a spare bottom in black because it always goes with whatever other tops I have. Lately I have found myself wanted more high rise pieces in every other aspect of my life, so I bought this high waist bikini bottom by Becca. The ruching in the front is super flattering so even if I have one too many plates of nachos at the pool, the fabric will cover up any food baby.

Accessories are a fun way to finish any look and when they’re small or easy to pack there’s no reason not to bring them. This bright printed headscarf will look so cute and elevate my basic black tank dress. (Side note – the dress is only $15 and can be used as a cover up and as a spare dress for dinner. This dress may be my best purchase because it’s only $15 AND I’ll actually wear it over and over again after vacation.) I’m also a big fan of a cute beach bag because if you find the right one, they easily double up as a tote if you go into the town for some shopping and exploring. This straw tote is packable so you can fold it down without worrying about ruining in.

I have a couple of other looks planned that I couldn’t fit into this collage, so if you’re on Instagram don’t forget to follow me so you can see all of my adventures in Trinidad and Tobago!

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