Sporty Chic in Cynthia Rowley

Sporty chic has been having a major fashion moment for quite awhile now – and from the looks of the many track pants arriving for fall – doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

A lot of bloggers are already starting to talk about fall and perhaps even sharing sneak peeks of fall outfits, but I looked at the extended forecast for LA and warm weather is here to stay with us for a while. Plus even the thought of squeezing myself into jeans right now makes me cringe. So I’m going to try to extend summer for just a little bit longer with this adorable athletic-inspired romper.

No matter how many times I visit NYC and how less and less “vacation” it feels now that I have meetings for the blog over there, I always buy new clothes for the city. I’ve talked about this so many time before but it still holds true that my closet has a split personality between LA and NYC items because both cities are just so different. Particularly in NYC, I feel more adventurous with my outfits but I also need to worry about things like the practical shoes or bags for subways, walking, etc.

I found this sporty-chic little guy for NYC it has since then gone on sale (it’s also available in white which is SO cute but for the subway that’s a major no no). I’m wearing a size small, which is my normal size, and it was comfortably airy in the legs and top without being too large. As you know I am a huge proponent of the jumpsuit (see this post) because you’re instantly put together. Bonus: Rompers/jumpsuits make packing SO. FREAKING. EASY.

I typically take a backpack on my trips to NYC because it fits my camera, but since Matt and I planned this trip last year for our anniversary, I was trying to limit blog things to just a couple of days. So, I skipped the backpack to avoid any temptation in brining my camera and stuck with this cross body. I went sans wallet with this as there are slots inside for plastic and your metro card to leave myself room for hand sanitizer (which is a New York City purse must-have, if you ask me).

Truth be told here, I planned on completing this athleisure look with these Nike low-top sneakers and totally forgot to pack them in my bag before my shoot. It was a total blogger fail moment, but these white pointed toe flats ended up balancing out the sportiness of the romper. They elevate it a bit more, and although these weren’t my original shoes, I really ended up liking how it looked.

Random side note but I guess if this was a children’s book and there was a lesson to be learned here, it’s this: even if you intend on one thing and it doesn’t work out, if you look outside of the box there’s always a solution.


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