Holiday Gifts under $200

Maybe this price range is for someone super close to you, or maybe you’re just treating yourself.  I buy myself to a gift every year and put it under the tree, so no judgement there!

Here are my favorite pieces from this list:

I love this faux fur teddy bear jacket. I have a couple of others on the list but this one if my favorite. Most of the faux fur jackets I’ve seen have shorter silhouettes so this feels a little more luxurious with its longer length.

These Hunter rain boots saved me during a rainy trip to NYC. This particular style is slimmer on the leg than Hunter’s traditional styles and so to me, they read more like a regular boot and are a little more chic.

Personally, I like receiving nifty gadgets that I normally wouldn’t spend money on. I got a mini version of this Foreo sonic facial brush and love it so much so that I’m putting the big boy on my wish list. I also have an obsession with all things home fragrance and anyone who gets Diptyque for the holidays is one lucky person!