3 Essential Denim Shorts You Need This Summer

The heat is in full swing, and one thing is certain: the pants are off. I always get overheated in full length jeans when it’s hot, but your girl loves denim. My solution to wearing jeans in the summer is super easy, and truthfully not that groundbreaking. I just reach for denim shorts instead.

Today I’m sharing a quick roundup of 3 essential denim shorts you need this summer.

3 Essential Denim Shorts You Need This Summer
3 Essential Denim Shorts You Need This Summer

Long Denim Shorts

I used to be all about short shorts, but I have been loving the Bermuda short trend of longer jean shorts. They’re obviously longer, but truthfully, way more comfortable to wear since you don’t have to pull at the crotch every time you stand. I know you know what I mean here!

These shorts by Boyish are perfect; they have a retro feel thanks to 100% cotton, and a little baggy but not drowning me. FYI, I went up a size here. I usually go up a size in shorts because I never like them fitting as tight as my skinny jeans.

White Denim Shorts

White is such a classic for summer, and while I love a white dress, shorts also fit the bill. I have the TopShop mom shorts in my shopping cart right now – I love that they have a high waist even though they are shorts. (Plus, they’re only $60!)

Paperbag Waist Shorts 

I’ve been seeing this trend all over, and I need to get on it ASAP! A paperbag waist lends itself to being slightly more tailored than regular denim, and you can always remove the belt for a totally different look. This pair by DL1961 is on my wish list. They’re called the Camile Shorts (okay, missing a second L but same difference) and so I think I need? 

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