Friday Faves: Camo

Hi everyone and happy Friday! We made it. Last week I announced via my blog that I was going to start doing a Friday Faves series. Every Friday, I’ll share a handful of items I’m currently obsessing over. It’ll range from anything like new favorites I recently purchased to statement jackets that I really want this season.

It’ll also give some sense of regularity to Charmed by Camille. I’ve been trying really hard this year to be actively posting content, but between a promotion at my full-time gig and a lot of traveling, I find myself only able to write blog posts on the plane. Or I’ll frantically grab my computer right before bed when an idea hits. So, I’m hoping that by sharing a weekly set of favorites or items on my lust list, I’ll at least be able to knock one post out a week. Even if all else fails during the week, there’s always a fun new trend I’m eyeing or about 15 shades of red lipstick in my cart. May as well share the goods!

This week’s Friday faves series is all about camo. I posted earlier this week showing how I took this camo shirt and dressed it up for date night. And I really, really, wanted to link a bunch of camo options. So, I made this second post for that.

I’ve always been very hot or cold for camo, but for some reason I’m really into it right now. Maybe since I’m older so I can style it better? In high school, I definitely wouldn’t have worn camo well. I don’t think I knew how to handle the print to be honest.

Anyway, there are SO MANY cute camo pieces out there, so here’s a ton of options:

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