Ouai Hair Care Review

I always love trying new beauty and hair care products. I swear I’m always on this subconscious quest to find the best bronzer, blush, or purple shampoo out there.

This year I decided that I’m going to start posting reviews on Charmed by Camille. Whether it’s a tried and true favorite that I’ve used for awhile, or something new that I just discovered, I’m going to share it with you! After all, why keep all of these great products a secret? 

Today I’m writing an Ouai hair care review featuring a few products from celeb hair stylist Jen Atkin. The lovely ladies over there were kind enough to send me some goodies, and needless to say, I was stoked. Who wouldn’t want product from the woman who works her magic on Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Lopez?

Ouai Dry Foam Shampoo | Charmed by Camille

This is an honest review of three Ouai hair care products:  Smooth Shampoo, Clean Conditioner, and Dry Shampoo Foam. Here’s how they stack up.

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