White White Roundup

You’d think that because I’ve stayed home being sick for the past 148 hours straight, that I would have pounded out a bunch of blog posts with all of my free time. Incorrect. 

I’ve managed to watch almost every episode of the later half of Sex and the City, a ton of Gossip Girl, almost the entire first season of Divorce, and most recently – all of The Night Of. So I guess I’ve been busy, just not blogging.


The truth is, my nonstop coughing and need to grab tissues every 5 minutes has made it difficult to type, let alone think. Thanks upper respiratory infection. I love you, too.

Now that I’m almost out of my sick haze I managed to pull together my favorite white pieces for a little fun “winter white” roundup. 


To me a good winter white outfit always has these two basics: a great pair of bottoms that don’t make you feel like sausage casing in them, and a slightly off white top. I like to wear different shades of white because it gives your look a little bit of dimension. Plus, not all whites are the same so it’s nearly impossible to truly match unless it’s a true set. If you’re going to have non-matching whites, make it look deliberate. Make sure the shades are different enough to look intentional.

Winter White | Charmed by Camille


Winter White | Charmed by Camille

To keep things seasonally appropriate, I usually wear sweaters with my winter white outfit. It makes me feel like a little eskimo in the snow. Okay, not really. 

So without further adieu (and truthfully because I can’t stop coughing) – here are my current winter white must-haves:


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