Hitting 10K + What’s Next for CBC

Okay, this post is a little overdue but I still wanted to share it anyway.

To think that there’s over 10,000 people out that that actually care about what I wear or love is pretty nutty to me. It’s also crazy to think that in just a little over a year I’ve managed to create my own little community for followers and Insta-friends. A huge thank you for following me and becoming my friend! I hope to meet as many of you as I can this year.

Fur Coat | Charmed by Camille

Fur Coat | Charmed by Camille

All of 2016 I was obsessed with hitting 10K. In my mind, this was the number I need to hit to feel “official.” Does anyone or did anyone feel that way? But okay, I’m here. Now what?

Here are the things I hope to do more of on Charmed by Camille in 2017:

  • Product reviews – I’m a closeted product junkie. The other day I posted a photo of one of my favorite skin care items, and someone left a comment that she’d like to see me do product reviews. Your wish is my command. I love buying new makeup (who doesn’t?!) or figuring out the best texturizing spray to make my hair look like I went to the beach then slept on it and “woke up like this.” I’m going to work on creating a section just for reviews and sharing my thoughts to you know instead of striking gold and keeping them to myself.

Fur Coat | Charmed by Camille

  • Instagram Stories – This one is hard for me. I always remember at the end of an event to post something on Stories. Los Angeles is a pretty cool city, and I shoot and go to some nifty places. Plus, I LOVE LOVE LOVE food. Instagram Stories is the perfect place for me to share spontaneous fun I have. I work during the week, and I’m sure nobody wants to see snaps of my desk (snooze) but I’ll try and do my best to share with you whatever it is I end up doing on the weekends.

Fur Coat | Charmed by Camille

  • Post more consistently – Okay, this one may be hard for me since I work full time but I promise to try my hardest to post on a more consistent basis. How does every Wednesday and Sunday sound, 95% of the time? 🙂
  • Hit 20K – Because I can.

Is there anything you want to see me do more or less of on CBC? Share your comments below!

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Hi, I'm Camille! I'm a bi-coastal blogger splitting my time between LA and NYC and sharing elevated, yet relatable ideas so that you can achieve your most stylish life.

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  1. 2.13.17

    Omg I’m in loooooove with this shoot! Congrats girl! Your blog and IG are so amazing it’s so great when our content work finally pays off! 🙂

    • 2.13.17
      Camille said:

      Jodi you are the nicest! The balloons didn’t behave the entire time but it was really fun to shot with them! ❤

      • 2.13.17

        Haha of course not, I wanted to do this for my 26th birthday and one of my balloons literally floated away into the wind I was so sad, and as I’m sure you know these are not cheap! Glad you got a few shots while they were up though! 🙂 xx

        • 2.13.17
          Camille said:

          Oh my goodness! That’s the worst! Yes they are… I didn’t want to spring for the “K” 😛

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