What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. Not only do I actually love cooking (not cleaning up though) and the smell of the entire day, but it also marks the official start of the Christmas season. 

After every Thanksgiving dinner my family watches Home Alone. Everyone falls asleep before Harry and Marv even make it into the McAllister house, but I can’t not watch it ceremoniously each year. (If you’re wondering what we do on Christmas Eve, we watch Home Alone 2.)

What I don’t necessarily love about this day is how fat and uncomfortable I always feel in my clothes. This year Matt and I are staying home, so I might be in leggings. However, for those of you hosting or going somewhere where you have to be decent, it can be tricky to look cute and be comfortable at the same time. The big question always is, what to wear on Thanksgiving?

Black Overalls | Charmed by Camille

Black Overalls | Charmed by Camille


For this, I recommend overalls. I know overalls have a dumpy reputation but there’s a bunch out there that are fitted in the legs just like regular pants, but with a bib. So, you’re basically getting the benefit of wearing real skinny jeans, but the bib hides whatever food baby is underneath your shirt. This way, you don’t have to spend all night sucking it in. 🙂 Trust me when I say I have road tested this and it works.

Keep your outfit cozy by pairing it with a sweater, like the striped one here. I particularly love this one because of the seasonal fall colors. I’m wearing heeled booties here, but you can also pair with flats if you’ll be on your feet all day cooking or mingling with family you haven’t seen all year.

Black Overalls | Charmed by Camille

Black Overalls | Charmed by Camille

You can shop the exact look above or get some of these other options below that will arrive just in the nick of time. So there you have it – your answer of what to wear on Thanksgiving.

Happy feasting!

Black Overalls | Charmed by Camille


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