Long Weekend Beauty Checklist

Makeup Bag | Charmed by CamilleI always try to pack as light as possible while still staying stylish, especially when it comes to my makeup bag. A bunch of awkward shaped bottles can really pile up in a suitcase – here is what to back for a long weekend in your toiletries case.

Make sure you have a bag big enough to fit the longest item(s) you are packing. For me, this was my drybar Detox dry shampoo and a MAC blush brush.

Makeup Bag | Charmed by Camille

If I’m carrying on, I’ll put my liquids in a ziplock case inside of the bag so that I can 1. easily find the items at the security checkpoint, and then 2. easily locate everything in the same place once I’m at my destination.

Skin care – A lot of skin care companies sell travel size items, but if they don’t,  you can always look at the brand websites for gift with purchase promotions throughout the year. This is how I get most of my minis, and then I save them for when I go on vacation. Makeup removal is always super important, so I pack these Precleanse wipes to easily wipe off everything and then go in after with a face wash.

Makeup Bag | Charmed by Camille

If you can’t find a sample or travel size of your faves anywhere, you’re still okay – many stores like The Container Store and even CVS sell small plastic containers to put your items in. I did this here with my moisturizer.

Makeup – If you’re going somewhere that’s going to require you to get ready beyond your average day face (a special get-together, a wedding, a party, etc.) then I highly recommend you invest in a face palette. Not only will it save you a ton of space, but a lot of palettes are color coordinated so you don’t have to think twice about which eyeshadow goes with which lip color. This one from MAC saved me all throughout summer through a bridal shower and various overnight wedding trips.

Makeup Bag | Charmed by Camille

Hair – For a long weekend, I can usually get away with non-washed hair if I wash it the morning of my flight, throw it in a bun, and use dry shampoo. If I think my hair might get too gross, then I bring just shampoo only. A couple of days without conditioner isn’t going to ruin your hair, so why take up the extra space? I also throw in a few hair ties and bobby pins in case I want to wear my hair up or pinned.

Makeup Bag | Charmed by Camille

Etc. – You know all of those random perfume samples you either have hoarded or thrown out? Now is the time for them. I make sure these little guys are easy to reach for when I get off the plane and have to immediately head somewhere.

What are your beauty packing tips or must-haves?
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