What I Did and Wore in Trinidad and Tobago

Just two weeks ago I was in the middle of the Caribbean for a long-anticipated vacation in Trinidad and Tobago. And in today’s post I’m sharing what I did and what I wore. (To shop my vacation looks, scroll to the very bottom of this post.)

It’s kind of random how I got there: my friend was invited to a wedding and the bride and groom told her she could bring a plus one, even if it was a friend, since it was a long trip. I was lucky enough to be that plus one! I always love a beach vacation and I figured I probably wouldn’t ever make it to Trinidad or Tobago on my own and so I said yes without any hesitation.

There are a ton of photos in this blog post so sit back, grab some coconut water, and enjoy.

Day 1: We arrived in Trinidad at about 4:30 pm just in time to meet the wedding party for an excursion to see Leatherback turtles lay eggs. My friend Karlee and I didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into but I’ll say that it involved us using our phones as flash lights in the rain at night, scaling steep hills with our bare feet. As someone who is afraid of heights I had to make new friends really quickly in the form of latching on to the person in front of me to keep my balance. We were tired and jet lagged, but I didn’t want to miss this. Sorry for the lack of great photography skills here, but we were wet and tired and I did not bring my pro camera for this.

Long story short, the female turtle comes to shore to lay about 120 eggs every 9 or 10 days, and we got to see the process of that. She digs a huge hole, lays her eggs, and then camouflages the space after to prevent predators from eating the eggs. Once the turtle finds her spot, she uses her body to settle into the sand until she can find the right temperature to lay the eggs. Once she starts laying them, she goes into a trance and cannot see or hear, which is why we were able to get so close and take photos. My outfit here isn’t glamorous and it’s full of mud, but this was such an incredible once-in-a-lifetime that’s straight out of Planet Earth. Can you believe the size of this turtle? Leatherback turtles can get to be 5 feet long and I learned so much about them on this trip.

Day 2: The bride and groom rented a Catamaran that sailed to three different spots in Trinidad. Trinidad is located just 7 shorts miles from Venezuela and so at one point you could see the country in the distance. Venezuela even showed up in my geo-tagging on Instagram! We anchored, had Jamaican jerk chicken, jumped off the boat, and just enjoyed life.

Day 3: My friend Karlee and I took this little plane over to Tobago and we spent some time walking around the tiny “downtown” and got some local food. We found this super cute pink restaurant and the staff was so nice, they told us to come in to take photos!

Day 4: Pigeon Point is a beautiful beach in Tobago, so we were here the entire day. We spent a few hours on the sand, and then took a glass-bottomed boat to snorkeling and a place called Nylon Pool. I don’t have photos from Nylon Pool because I thought that my phone would get soaked on the boat, and I totally regretted it once we got there. Let’s just call it a big blogger fail. Nylon Pool is a sandbar that you can stand in, with the most crystal clear water I have ever seen, in the middle of the ocean. I stole the below photo from the Internet, but can you just enjoy this water for a moment? It was so picture perfect.

Day 5:
Wedding Day! I didn’t do much except lay around the pool while Karlee got ready as a bridesmaid.

Day 6: This was our last day in Tobago, so Karlee and I headed back to Pigeon Point for a few more hours on the beach and went exploring. We found so many cute things around the area like this fruit stand and these colorful little huts. Before heading to the airport, we stopped off the side of the road for some coconut water. I loved this man. He asked us if we wanted coconuts with or without meat, then proceeded to hit the coconuts with his knife until he found the perfect fruits for us. I always love doing things that are a little off the beaten path because I like meeting locals wherever I am and experiencing my destination that way. After the turtle encounter, this was my favorite moment of the trip. After this we went back to the airport and Trinidad.

Day 7: Maracas Beach is a popular beach in Trinidad and about a 45-minute drive. It was kind of cloudy that day but it was such a beautiful, scenic drive that we felt like we were getting a private tour of the island. Our driver stopped at a local lookout point where we got some plantain chips and other snacks, then we headed to the beach. Maracas Beach is very different from Pigeon Point. If you’ve even been to Mexico or the Caribbean it is more like those beaches with locals selling items and a lot of chairs. They also have a food called Bake & Shark, which is deep-fried shark on what kind of resembles a bun. I didn’t have it on this day, but I did try it on the wedding day. (I’m not a fish person at all, but I tried it because I like to experience local cuisine.) On our way back we stopped by a cacao farm to see how they grow on the tree. Cacao pods are HUGE and much bigger than I thought. We finished our trip at a bird sanctuary, where we got to see a ton of really pretty birds including the bird of Trinidad. It was super peaceful and a great way to end our trip.

Having been to a couple other Caribbean islands and Bora Bora, I would definitely say that Trinidad and Tobago is less touristy. If you’re looking for an experience that’s a little more local, then you have to come here. It’s a beautiful country and we had a great time. This was definitely a once in a lifetime trip and I hope this recap inspires at least one person to take a trip to Trinidad and Tobago.



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