Up Your Athleisure Game

It’s not news that everywhere you look, people are embracing the athleisure trend. It’s even made an appearance on top runways across the world. Personally, I’m really happy about this. It means that I can run around all weekend in pseudo-clothing while being uber-comfy I’m glorified pajamas.

Up Your Athleisure Game | Charmed by Camille

Up Your Athleisure Game | Charmed by Camille

A word to the wise, though: recent athleisure shouldn’t be mistaken for dumpy sweats that you may have worn circa early 2000s when J Lo was wearing all white and a matching bandana. Quite the contrary, current athleisure is sleek and chic and probably shouldn’t actually be worn to the gym. 

So if you want to embrace this trend, don’t just throw on any old pair of sneakers. Here are 3 tips when it comes to upping your athleisure game:

The base – Workout wear trends come and go but there is one silhouette that has stood the test of time: high rise leggings. They look flattering on everyone, and even on my 5’4″ frame, giving it the illusion that my legs are just as long as Gisele’s. Black is preferable here because it’s slimming (duh) and goes with everything (double duh). If you don’t want to wear black then opt for another dark neutral like navy or a heathered gray.

Up Your Athleisure Game | Charmed by Camille 

Up Your Athleisure Game | Charmed by Camille

Accessories – If the rest of your outfit is sporty, then make sure your accessories match. You probably don’t want to wear a set of pearl earrings when you’re wearing leggings and tennis shoes. Dress the part! Opt for a cool street chic backpack like this one from Rebecca Minkoff. Now is not the time for your structured satchel. 


Up Your Athleisure Game | Charmed by Camille

Shoes – Okay, so obviously this may seem like the obvious thing when talking about athleisure. Your sneakers here are KING. Like I mentioned above, please don’t wear the same shoes that you wear to the gym. If you are actually going to the gym, fine. But if you’re just running errands trying to look cool, then invest in a pair of weekend sneakers. Even though these are sneakers, think of these as regular shoes. I always like to pick solid colors because it’s cleaner. Plus, like the pants above, they’ll go with a lot more than if you opt for the multicolor version. You’d be shocked to know that you’ll actually feel more put together on the weekends, even if you’re in gym clothes, because shoes (I believe) really make or break the outfit. Here’s a few of my faves:

So there you have it. You look cooler already.

Up Your Athleisure Game | Charmed by Camille


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