The Benefits of a Massage


Valentine’s Day has so much chatter around gifting, and date night, but what about yourself? I truly believe that in order to be able to fully love others, you have to love yourself first. And part of that is giving yourself special moments to relax and regroup. This month and year I have really tried to make this a priority. I am a much better wife, friend, and daughter when I am happy with myself. It could be anything from a quiet bath or a mask all the way to reading a book before bed to quiet my mind.

I also think Valentine’s Day SHOULD be a day where you say, “Thanks self, you rock!” Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, you should always give yourself props and love yourself for being awesome.

So yesterday before Matt and I went to dinner, I gave myself my own Valentine’s Day present with a massage at Joanna Vargas. You might remember Joanna Vargas from this post or on my Instagram Stories. She is a NYC-based celebrity facialist who opened her second salon in LA just last year and has her own line of amazing, cruelty-free products. I have gone to both locations for killer facials, so I was thrilled when the team over there let me know that massages are now on the menu. If you’re in LA or NYC, be sure to stop by for a face or body treatment. Seriously, all of my knots disappeared and I felt great even a couple of days after.

But back to the massage. This isn’t a vanity thing. Sure, a massage is relaxing and all that jazz, but there are a handful of wellness benefits of a massage beyond just a feel good rub down. Let me explain…

The Benefits of Massage | Charmed by Camille

By zoning out, you can lower your stress levels simply by just laying there before the massage even starts. Continuous movement combined with human touch along the body helps to lower stress levels and the release of endorphins. This help with anxiety and headaches caused by tension, so right out of the gate you’re already #winning!

Stress tends to sit right in the shoulders, especially for those of us who sit at a computer all day. As stress builds in that area, our posture suffers. A regular massage session can help relieve that tension and counteract the effects of gravity in the workplace. You might also notice an increased range of motion and flexibility once tension is removed from your body through massage, not to mention just simply feeling more comfortable.

There are also some skin benefits to getting a massage because it helps increase circulation throughout the body. (I mean, Joanna is known for great skin, so I feel like you knew this was coming.) Think about if you’ve ever had a facial before. Estheticians massage your face to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage. Both of these help with puffiness and to firm up the appearance of skin. This same practice applied to the body helps keep things moving. By increasing circulation, your lymphatic system triggers to help naturally remove toxins from the body.

Massaging the skin creates friction, therefor removing the top layer of your dead skin cells. These new skin cells can take in nutrients better and regenerate faster than the older ones that were previously on top of them. Basically a massage is one giant, gentle exfoliation! Working in conjunction with your massage therapist’s lotion, these new skin cells can soak up all of those vitamins and hydrating properties to keep your skin more nourished and moisturized than before.

Not to mention, a happy, post-massage bliss also aids in better sleep! A good night’s sleep gives your circadian rhythm and skin cells proper time to recover. Therefore, you can literally massage and sleep your way to better skin. The effect over time is a healthier, more glowing you from the inside out.

So the next time you’re booking a massage or you find yourself making excuses for one, show yourself some love with these benefits above.

Here I am post-massage, in all of my happy glory 🙂

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