Spring Trend Series: The Bright Color Trend

Another Monday, another spring trend to share with you! In case you missed last week’s post, I announced that every Monday this month I’m sharing a spring trend and rounding up my favorite pieces within that trend. This way, you can arm your closet with the best of the best for spring and be in tip-top shape this season.

Last week I shared a ton of tie-dye – the one trend I’m most excited about – but today’s post is another fun one: the bright color trend.

Today I’m sharing my take on this trend, and then rounding up my favorite fashion goodies in every bold shade from red to blue.

Red Jeans – Mother Denim (shop more Mother Denim here) | Sweatshirt – Zadig & Voltaire | Purse – Rebecca Minkoff (shop more Rebecca Minkoff here) | Tennis Shoes – Tretorn

While I’m a girl who loves her neutrals, a quick scroll through my good old IG feed shows that when it comes to color, I gravitate toward red. I’m guessing it’s for one of two reasons. The first being that red can basically also act as a neutral if you try hard enough. But also because for as long as I can remember, every time my mother sees red anything, she let’s me know that red is a power color. Hi mom! See, I do listen!

These red jeans are by Mother Denim and the perfect balance between a skinny jeans and… a not skinny jean. They’re fitted through the knee but flare out a bit at the ankle. I like where these hit me so I didn’t have to hem them. They’re a raw hem you could easily cut them if you need, though. I own this style in blue and black, and love that the red is slightly muted but still makes a statement.

SIZE NOTE: From personal experience my others and these gave just a smidge. I recommend you buy these your normal size and have them fit snug, but not uncomfortable, to your body.

Full disclosure, I probably would have grabbed an ivory sweater here; but this is a post about bright color! I had to commit! So I went with this blue graphic sweatshirt. I feel like any casual tee or sweatshirt gets up-leveled with a graphic. Graphic shirts are effortless, casual, yet, cool.


Since my outfit is so fun and bright, I couldn’t leave it hanging with wimpy accessories. So I extended the blue into my bag with this cute pastel blue cross body.

What do you think about the bright color trend? I loved wearing this outfit, but truthfully, pairing bright colors doesn’t come naturally to me. I really have to think about it when I’m in my closet, but it somehow manages to come together! Are you like this or do you LOVE color?


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