Roundup: The Best Spring Bags This Season

Ready to upgrade your bag for spring? While a black leather bag is a classic in fall and winter, it can be harsh against lighter materials and colors once April and May roll around. Today I’m sharing the best bags for spring and why you need them. From trends to colors, I’ve got you covered.

The Best Spring Bags | Charmed by Camille

I always invest in a new spring bag for two reasons. 1. At this point in the year I’m always pretty sick of wearing the same rotation of dark, fall/winter bags. 2. Spring is such a drastic change from the season before, and investing in a bag at the start of the season allows you to wear it all through summer, too.

Don’t feel like you have to splurge on expensive designer spring bags (although I love to every now and then!). There are a lot of moderate options available and so I tried to keep that in mind when writing this post. From the $78 – $300 range, there’s something here for everyone.

Make it Neutral

A neural bag is going to be your handbag BFF this season. I’ll rotate out my black leather bag for something in a nice saddle or beige color because both options go with everything.

My go-to bag for spring is always my little Mini Marcie bag, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, Madewell has a ton of daytime leather styles at great price points. I have their crossbody bag in black and I love it so much I’ve been contemplating the brown version.


Nothing says warm weather like a white bag. I love crisp white bags because they are just so pretty, especially when worn with a bright color. They’re a fresh alternative to the above nude, and a little more fashion forward in my opinion. I love this one from Marc Jacobs with the sporty nylon strap.

Just be careful when wearing with jeans, because darker washes can rub off onto the white leather. I recommend only carrying a white bag with light denim or when wearing non-denim pieces.


My Cult Gaia ark bag has been making its way into some recent photos, and I’m not mad at it. I love a good straw bag. They work during the day, add a fun texture for nighttime, and serve as perfect vacation bags day to night.

The circular straw bag had its moment, but update to a rectangle shape this season and go for this bag instead.

Shopbop has a crazy huge selection of woven bags, and they gathered them up into a special section of the website for easier shopping. Take a look here.


White dresses. Black linen. Neutrals. Light denim. All perfect fashion candidates to be worn with a pop of color. Why not make that your handbag? I always gravitate toward red because it’s basically a neutral, but lately, pastel pink (like this bag) has been calling my name.

Style Tip: Dress It Up

Spring bags tend to be on the casual side, but if you’re looking to wear a spring bag to dinner or need a dressy options, it’s all about the details. Look for gold or silver accents, like this white Ted Baker bag with a gold chain strap.

I am also loving this clear bag trend, and these styles add a bit off edge to any nighttime outfit. (Bonus – this is an easy way to wear a white bag and not have worry about any denim residue!)


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