Get Early Access to the Biggest Nordstrom Sale of the Year!

You guys. It’s finally almost here. Yes, I am talking about the best Nordstrom sale of the year – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! For lucky VIP insiders, you can shop the sale early and score the best items since a lot of this stuff sells out fast.

Want to know how to get early access to this Nordstrom Sale? Follow me!

I’ll first tell you why this Nordstrom sale is better than all of the others and then how you can shop it before it opens to the public.

Nordstrom Sale | Charmed by Camille

I know some of you might be thinking that this Nordstrom sale is just another sale, but trust me when I say that it is not and that you will want to shop this at some point or another.

While most sales are end of season, AKA “you get what’s left over” OR you hardcore get lucky finding that item that is just your size but sold out in all other sizes. Maybe you’re a size 10 in shoes and shopping sales is easy breezy for you, but for us size 7’s out there, you might feel my pain (anyone?).

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is completely different. You are shopping NEW fall arrivals at the beginning of the season, and the sale prices go up to regular price once the sale is over. (Side note – the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sales are end of season/clearance type sales, so once it’s marked down, it stays that way).

Nordstrom Sale | Charmed by Camille

As you can imagine, people (myself 110% included) go crazy and try to shop as early as possible so that they can get great pricing on current season pieces. Hence why early access is KEY here.

It’s super easy to get early access to this sale, you just need to be a Nordstrom cardholder. Before you back out on me, at least let me explain that Nordstrom offers 3 different types of cards depending on how you want to handle your finances. Plus, whenever you use these cards, you get points for Nordstrom Notes, which are basically gift cards in paper form and free money to continue feeding your shopping habit.

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  1. Nordstrom Retail Card – this is your typical store card. You can only use it at Nordstrom stores (including Nordstrom Rack and online at HauteLook) and you earn 2 points per dollar spent.
  2. Nordstrom Visa – This card is like any other Visa and you can use it anywhere. You get 1 point on all non-Nordstrom purchases and the same 2 points on Nordstrom purchases as the above.
  3. Nordstrom Debit – This works the same as the Visa, but instead of being tied to a credit line, it pulls the purchases directly from your bank account.

Nordstrom Sale | Charmed by Camille

Along with shopping the sale early, you get a ton of other benefits that include triple points days, money back on alterations, etc. You can see the full cardholder benefits here.

Early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts this Thursday, July 14. Stay tuned for more Nordstrom sale posts, including what I buy and my favorites!

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