My Hydrating Winter Skin Care Routine

By now I’m sure many of us are feeling the effects of winter dryness on our skin. My skin always feels super dry in January and February, so it’s typically this time of year when I find myself at the beauty store to upgrade my products and switch into my winter skin care routine.

My Winter Skin Care Routine

Here’s what’s currently on my vanity, and what I reach for when my skin gets extra dry:

Cleanse – During the winter I switch to a balm cleanser because the formula lends itself to more hydration even after cleansing. My favorite is this balm cleanser by Eve Lom. You use it by applying the balm to your face, then melt it away using hot water on a muslin cloth that comes with the cleanser. A little goes a long way and it does a great job at removing makeup and pollutants from the day. Plus, at the end of a chilly day there, there’s nothing more satisfying then enrobing your face in a warm towel. It’s heavenly.

Eve Lom Cleanser | My Winter Skin Care Routine

Tone – After I clean my face I quickly spritz Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner. I’ve noticed that when I use a toner, my moisturizer seems to “moisturize” a lot better and it doesn’t sink into my skin and dry into it as quickly. The spray form is super easy; no cotton balls or wiping required.

Moisturize – I follow toning with ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer. This is slightly thicker and a little tackier than moisturizers I use during the rest of the year, BUT it doesn’t feel too heavy. I tend to break out when my skin is dry, so the lactic and glycolic acids in here help exfoliate dead skin cells to prevent them. I love products that do double duty because honestly, who has time for another step in their skin care routine? Much like the name says, I do feel very glowy after I apply this!

Kate Somerville Moisturizer | My Winter Skin Care Routine

Hyaluronic Acid | My Winter Skin Care Routine

Side note: on days when I feel extra dry, I use a few drops of Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster. It’s hyaluronic acid that adds a whole other layer of hydration into your skin. About 4-5 drops does the trick for me. You can either press it into your skin before moisturizing, or mix it in with your moisturizer.

Eye Cream – This Belif Moisutrizing Eye Bomb was sent to me via Influenster to try for an online star review. This post isn’t sponsored, but I feel like I need to shout this eye cream because it’s so hydrating that to be honest, I kind of want to put it on my whole face. I can instantly see a difference in hydration levels under my eyes after application because it works that well. This is a new brand for me and so if anyone has any other standout products by Belif let me know so I can try them!

Eye Cream | My Winter Skin Care Routine

Weekly Mask – I started traveling a lot for work last year, which led me to the discovery of sheet masks. They’re really easy to pack. If you feel like creeping out the person sitting next to you, you can wear one during your flight. But in all seriousness, I started using sheet masks as a quick fix after my frequent cross-country flights from LA to NYC. I realized I didn’t need to save them for travel only, so I’ve been (trying) to use a sheet mask once a week. They’re a lot less of a hassle than traditional masks, and the serums infuse pretty instantly for immediate results. My absolute favorite sheet masks that I’m always restocking are the Hydrating+ Face Masks by Karuna. They were the first brand of sheet mask I ever bought and I keep returning to them.

Sheet Masks | My Winter Skin Care Routine

So there you have it – my winter skin care routine! Another important skin care tip to help with combating dry winter skin is water, water, and more water! A lot of people only pay attention to their water consumption when it’s hot out, but it’s important to hydrate from the inside out to naturally help with skin hydration. I’m definitely still working on this so I carry a S’well water bottle with me even when I’m at home so that I have a constant reminder to drink water.

My Winter Skin Care Routine





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