My Favorite Accessory for Marathon Training “Off Days” | G-SHOCK S Series

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This week marks the halfway point in my marathon training with Matt. We are 10 weeks down, 10 weeks to go, before I head back out east for the NYC Marathon. It’s been a bucket list thing for me for a while and after a 3 year hiatus in running races, Matt is joining me to run it. I’m super excited! (Running races is near and dear to my heart so of you want to read more why I run, click here.)

There’s obviously a ton of running involved, and I have to say that the shorter, mid-week runs are harder for me than the long weekend runs because I love taking fitness classes. I’ve really been missing them, so I try to get in a Pilates class or two on my cross training days.

During training it’s also equally as important to make sure you keep your body moving continuously when you’re not working out or when you have a rest day to avoid muscles from tightening. So even on an “off day” I try to make sure to take breaks or go for a walk to hit 10,000 steps.

Remember those cute G-SHOCK watches from high school? Well, I really wanted one back then, and now their 2018 version has a built in step tracker, so it’s the perfect watch for me during my training. The watch I’m wearing here is the G-SHOCK S Series – a sport concept watch with a more fashionable look that I can easily wear when I’m not running and incorporate into my outfits, all while keeping track of my step goal. I love a good natural and so this light gray body matches almost all of my clothes, and a rubbery matte finish keeps things looking cool and effortlessly sporty.

The best part is that I don’t have to worry about turning it on or off; the steps automatically start counting the second it’s strapped onto my wrist. So I can just put it on and go!

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