Madewell Chambray Shirt

There is a heatwave in LA happening right now and it is so hot I’ve been mostly staying inside. I normally love the heat, but this is unbearable. For the 0.5 seconds that I did go outside, I wore this cute Madewell Chambray Shirt and unbuttoned it a bit so that I could (try to) feel cooler in the summer heat.

Madewell Chambray Shirt | Charmed by Camille

The little black guy you see under my shirt is a cheap black bandeau I bought a long time ago. I found it under all of my other stuff in my drawer. It’s technically a bra, but I wore it over my regular bra so that it’s more of a crop top than an under thing.

I love a good chambray top, and Madewell always has the best ones. I liked this one because 1. it’s sleeveless, and 2. the little tie detail made it different. When it’s not a billion degrees outside, I’m going to button it up and pair it with some white or black full length denim.

Madewell Chambray Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Madewell Chambray Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Since it outfit itself is pretty minimal, I decided to throw on as many bracelets as possible, including a really cute watch, courtesy of Fossil.

I linked most of the items below. Unfortunately, the YSL bag that I’m holding here is sold out. 🙁 I searched everywhere for it because it was such a great deal that I wanted to share it with everyone, but clearly a lot of other people got in on it before I got to post these pictures. I did, however, link a similar fringe bag (at a much lower price point) below.

Anyway, hope you’re all staying cool in the July heat. You can find me at the nearest ice cream shop.

Madewell Chambray Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Madewell Chambray Shirt | Charmed by Camille


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