Jessica Danielle Photography

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to share a non-invitaiton related project that I worked on awhile back.

I met Jessica through my friend, Nicole. Jessica had these beautiful letterpress business cards made by Kathryn Podorsky that featured beautiful handwritten calligraphy with Jessica’s name. Since they were handwritten, there was no actual font to replicate Kathryn’s work.

With a little help from Illustrator, I was able to turn Kathryn’s calligraphy into a logo for Jessica for her to use on her marketing materials. She wanted to keep the handwritten feel of if, which is shown through the imperfections in the strokes. Everything was imported and adjusted by hand for the perfect letterpress logo look.

Thanks for your patience, Jessica!

P.S. Jessica is an amazing photographer that lives in Los Angeles. You can see her site (and my logo!) here. For Kathryn’s Etsy shop, click here.


Here’s Jessica’s site right now:

Jessica Danielle Photography














And here’s her business card before we turned it into a logo:

Jessica's Business Card

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