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Hi everyone!

I’ve been working on some non-invitation freelance projects lately and wanted to share with you a homepage update that I did for my friend Chanelle. She owns and fully runs SaVous, an online store for affordable fast fashion. (In French, Sa Vous means “it’s you!” in case you wanted to know).

While it doesn’t look like much, a lot went into this update as I did the graphic designing as well as all of the behin-the-scenes HTML coding to program everything to be in its correct spot.

Here’s a run down of what I did:

– Centered the logo and  changed her top menu to black (It used to be a light grey)

-Completely re-built her top navigation with a drop down menu to better categorize the items in her shop

– Added in a rotating function to her main slide (and designed the images for them)

– Updated the content in the sub boxes and added a hover state to them. Now, when you hover over them they fade to a light grey.

– The Instagram feed was already on the site, but it was an out of date version. This got updated to an interactive version with a scrolling function.

– Changed the color of the footer to the coral pink you now see

I also played a bit with the product pages! The ratio of product details to the actual image itself felt off (the details took up half of the page while the image did not), so I readjust all of the columns to create a cleaner page with a large main detail to really be able to see the product.

Be sure to go and check out her site so that you can see the full site in its interactive state. And be sure to get some cute clothes while you’re at it!

Take a look at the work I did below & let me know what you think!


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