Holiday Gifts Under $25

I found a ton of really cute gifts under $25 this year! A lot of places and brands have done great job of creating really high perceived value for gifts that don’t cost a lot!

One of my favorite Christmas hacks when buying for girl friends is to buy a bunch of value sets that have multiples of the same thing, then split them up for each girl. For example, these Clinqiue Chubby sticks are so cute to give to a lipstick lover as a set, but also great to split up amongst friends. Sephora Collection makes really great sheet masks and face masks, so you can do the same with these! (Also perfect for stocking stuffers when given individually!)

I always love giving a chic book – why not this super fun one from Drybar founder Alli Webb? It features photos and step-by-step instructions on how to get a professional blow dry at home.

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