A Gift Guide for Everyone

The holiday shopping season is just around the corner, and it occurred to me today while I was at Target with my friend that “around the corner” is actually  next Thursday.

I immediately went into panic mode upon the sight of wrapping paper. I made her spend a solid 15 minutes helping me decide whether I wanted a plaid or white theme for gift wrap this year. #firstworldproblems

Then I realized, wrapping paper = gifts. I’m a little OCD (okay, a lot OCD) and so I decided immediately to map out everything to buy this year. Nothing is worse than waiting until the last minute to shop. The malls get crazy, I get paranoid about missing shipping deadlines, but mostly I just want to lay down and watch Home Alone and Serendipity on repeat until I can quote all of the lines. JK, I can already do this. 

So, today I made a gift guide for everyone on your list, including moms and bosses. Click the “+” icon to shop the item directly, and read below on just why I’ve picked these items. You’ll find that a lot of them overlap categories, so pick up a few extras just in case you need a last minute gift for an unexpected person!


Starting form the top:


Barefoot Dreams Robe – I always like to splurge a little on my mom because she’s mom and she deserves it. (Mom, if you’re reading this, pretend you didn’t). Barefoot Dreams makes blankets and some other snuggly items, but I like the robe because it means mom doesn’t have to share the coziness of this with anyone.

Flowerbomb Perfume – My mom loves this perfume, so it’s literally mother-approved to treat your mom to a special scent this holiday season.

Kate Spade Card Holder – For the mom who has a ton of handbags, but may not have a wallet to match all of them, this card holder is classic and black and will fit in the tiniest of spaces. I have a similar one and it’s great for travel, too!

MantraBand Bracelet – There’s a bunch of different sayings that you can get on these thin bangle bracelets, but this one that says “she believed she could, so she did” is my favorite. Snag one for your BFF while you’re at it.

Daniel Wellington Watch – This particular face and snakeskin strap is casual enough to wear during the day, but fancy enough to also wear out at night. It’s the perfect piece for busy moms who don’t have time (pun intended) to change outfits before holiday parties.

YSL Beauty Vinyl Cream Lip Stain – At first glance you may think that this is just another lipstick, but it’s not. YSL is currently offering custom engraving on select items, including this one. If your mom is super cool may I recommend getting #BESTMOMEVER?

Anthropologie Monogram Mug – They always sells these, but they’re classic and never go out of style. (You can also find limited-edition gold versions here). I like making more of a substantial gift by pairing the these with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.They also makes GREAT gifts for coworkers or a gift exchange.

Diptyque Candle Set – I love Dpityque, but I can never bring myself to paying over $60 for a single candle. You can get this votive sampler set for only a little bit more. I bought one last year for myself and it surprised me to find out that even the little size gives off a strong enough scent to fill an entire room.


Ban.do Water Bottle – Who on this planet doesn’t actually like pizza? I don’t think we’d be friends. I happen to love working out just as much as I love pizza, so if I were getting this (cough) I would love it. It’s a fun gift for any friend that appreciates a good joke.

“I Am Very Busy” Notebook – This is my second pick from Ban.do because they seriously have the cutest little things. Snag this for your workplace ride or die to give her something to laugh at every Monday morning.

Capture Your Style book by Aimee Song – For your social media-loving friend. This book is chock-full of tips and tricks to get the perfect photo, edit it, and all that good stuff. Plus it makes a really cute coffee table book. 

Striped Sleep Mask – For your friend who loves to sleep in on the weekend, or your co-worker who is always on a business trip (Karlee, I’m looking at you). This mask also comes with an insert that you can put in the fridge for a cooling effect.

Clinique “Tiny Temptations” Sampler – Nobody actually needs this many Chubby Sticks, but the price is amazing ($50) considering you get 20 of them. You can give the whole thing to your makeup-junkie bestie, but my favorite way to use this (or any gift set that has a multiples) is to break it up and give one or a few to different friends. It’s a relatively cheap way to gift a lot of people at once, and it’s perceived value is a lot higher than they’ll think! (You can also do this with the Diptyque candle set from above!)

Marble Coasters – Perfect for a gift exchange or your friend that loves good home decor or throwing dinner parties. One can never have enough coasters, and these go with any color palette. Shopping for your boss? I’d throw in a bottle of wine or a six-pack of craft beer for dudes.


Sugarfina Bourbon Marshmallows – This is specifically for anyone who needs to buy a gift for a male coworker. Sure, Sugarfina’s typical packaging is very girly, but marshmallows are really generic and the bourbon part makes this gift distinctively male.

Shoe Horn – I got this for my husband for our anniversary. It’s made from actual horn without an exorbitantly high price tag. Whenever he put on a pair of shoes, I wanted to cringe or hit him because it was too painful to watch him crunch the back. Not only did this save him from a whack to his head, it also saved his nice shoes. This isn’t just for significant others – dads will also rejoice in this thoughtful, unique gift.

Fitbit Surge – For any athletic man in your life (from dads or husbands to brothers). This watch will give them all of the data they need to improve whatever it is they do at the gym.

Chukka Boots – This item is on here at the specific request of my husband Matt, solely for the reason that I got them for him and he “always get compliments on them.” He also added that you can wear them during the day or at night. I have trained him well. At $125, these sturdy, long-lasting shoes won’t break the bank. They come in other colors if this brown isn’t his jam.

Men’s Grooming Kit – No man ever wants to admit that they want their own pair of tweezers, but they will definitely steal yours when you’re not looking. Save the argument and get them their own manly version by Nixon that comes in this rugged carrying case. Other grooming tools included.

Kobalt Portable Air Compressor – It’s impossible to shop for my dad. I found out about this portable compressor when I needed help from a male coworker to fill my tires. I thought we were going to the gas station until he whipped this thing out of his trunk. This is the gift for the dad who has everything.

So there you have it: an exhaustive gift guide list of my favorite things to give and a handful of items that I myself will be purchasing this year. To my friends, family and coworkers who read this, sorry that your present is no longer a surprise. 🙂




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