Finding the Perfect Summer Bra with ThirdLove

In partnership with ThirdLove – all opinions are my own

Real talk here: finding a well-fitting bra has always been a problem for me. I’ve only ever found one bra that fit right and, naturally, I bought it in every (limited) color it was made in at the time.

So when ThirdLove, an online bra brand, kindly sent over their gorgeous Front Closure Lace Racerback Bra, I was skeptical. A racerback bra that’s pretty and fits my tiny, hard-to-find size? I was intrigued.

Today I’m sharing my experience with ThirdLove, the process of bra-buying on their site, and of course the star of my summer outfits: The Front Closure Lace Racerback Bra.

Read on!

Finding My Size

On the ThirdLove website you’ll find an entire section dedicated to sizing in the Bra 101 section, but for an easy way to narrow down exactly the right bra selection for you, take the Fit Finder quiz. You’ll answer questions about your current favorite bra, its sizing, and then some fit questions like, “Do your straps currently dig in?” Some of the questions even have pictures and videos so you know exactly what you’re looking for when you answer them. It took about 2 minutes (if that) to pop out my size: 32F.

Yes. That’s my size. Boobs are weird. I wouldn’t ever say I have huge boobs, but in comparison to the ratio of my rib cage, they are what they are. Typing that up there was kind of scary, but now that it’s in black and white, I’m owning it.

The Bra

Once I got my size, my bra came in. This pretty color is called Twilight, and it’s a dusty mauve, but also a great neutral shade that can match with a lot in your closet.

It has a gorgeous crossover lace back, and closes in the front, AKA no weird clasp that show when wearing a low back top or dress. I’m not used to wearing racerback bras, so I could feel it a little right along my armpits when I initially put it on. Overall though, the band is super comfortable (it also adjusts), and the cups are shaped, but not too stiff.

They have an entire racerback collection, too! See them all here.

How to Wear It 

I wanted to show you two different ways to style this bra; one a little more modest, and another really showing it off.

First, (above) I layered the bra under this simple racerback dress. Normally I would wear a regular strapless bra with this, but I love that the mauve pops out along the sides just a little bit so you can see the pretty texture.

If you’re like me and have never been able to wear those dainty bras, try this outfit. I’ve dubbed it the “beginner look” because it shows a peek without going overboard.

For my second outfit, (below) I totally changed things up, and went with this dramatic open back t-shirt. This of course is more intentional with showing off the entire back, and I think there’s something mental about not seeing the clasp (since it’s in the front) that makes it feel like part of the look versus the bra being an under garment.

This is the first time I’ve worn a ThirdLove bra, and overall, I had a positive fit experience. I for sure will be returning to the site to try their Classic T-Shirt Bra, which I’ve been eyeing! What will you find on their site to style with your summery looks?

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