Fall Florals

Despite the fact that I’m not usually into prints or patterns, I’m a sucker for good fall florals. Oddly enough, I don’t really wear floral in the spring when it’s more appropriate. I think it’s because spring floral usually involve a lot of pastel. However, come fall, I love anything dark with a pop of blooms.

Fall Florals | Charmed by Camille

Fall Florals | Charmed by Camille

When stores display new fall items, I always want to wear everything on the spot. I can’t ever wait for it to cool off, so I try to get fall pieces that I can incorporate into my wardrobe now. Especially living in LA, I can’t really buy a ton of sweaters because they’ll hang in my closet for months before I ever get the chance to wear them. So, this mini dress from Alice & Olivia is perfect for transitional weather with the black and pop of jewel-tone flowers. It’s perfect for transitional weather, and I’ll throw tights under it once it really cools down.

Fall Florals | Charmed by Camille

Fall Florals | Charmed by Camille

Fall Florals | Charmed by Camille


I’m 5’4” so in a perfect world this dress would be a little shorter on me than it is in real life. Whenever I need to give a dress shape or make anything shorter without going to a tailor, I always just cinch my waist with a belt. It’s the easiest trick to make anything you want shorter because then you can just billow some of the material over the belt. I’ve had this belt forever and even though it’s studded I surprisingly haven’t gotten over it yet. It shockingly goes with more than you’d think, probably because there’s both silver and gold on it.

You can’t tell in the photos since I’m wearing a jacket, but it’s long sleeve so it’s super cute on it’s own as well!


Fall Florals | Charmed by Camille


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