Drunk Elephant Review: Hair & Body Collections

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a beauty review. Today I’m reviewing not one, but seven products! Drunk Elephant recently launched hair and body products, so I’m giving an honest review of each item, sharing everything I loved about them to what I didn’t.

Drunk Elephant gifted me these products, but my decision to review all of them in a post – as well as my opinions – are my own.

Drunk Elephant Review: Hair and Body Collections | Charmed by Camille
Drunk Elephant Review: Hair and Body Collections | Charmed by Camille
Drunk Elephant Review: Hair and Body Collections | Charmed by Camille

The Benchmark 

Before I get into my review on each Drunk Elephant product in these collections, I want to share just how I arrived at what I did or didn’t totally love.

As a beauty blogger and general beauty junkie, I have a lot of products. I have “mindless” products that that I really don’t think twice about but they work, and I don’t give them a second thought (body wash, body lotion, deodorant, etc). Then there are products that I absolutely LOVE. These are products I’ve finally landed on through years of testing.

For me, part of the fun in trying new products is knocking what I think to be a holy grail product off of its horse should something better comes along.

Regardless of whether or not a new product falls into the mindless category or the holy grail category, the top factor for me is, “does this new product work better than what I already have?”

Then I consider price point, size, ingredients, etc. when reviewing and recommending items to you.

ALSO, V IMPORTANT: Just because I’m not crazy about a product doesn’t mean you won’t be either. I’m comparing new products to what I use. Something I’m not too keen on might seem amazing to you because your shampoo (or body lotion, or whatever) falls into your “mindless product” category while I’m comparing said product to something in my existing holy grail pile. Perspective is subjective, so be open minded with each review.

Now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way, let’s getting into my review of these new Drunk Elephant products! I use a few of their skin care products so was excited to try these and put everything to the test.

The TL;DR 

Both hair and body products have a faint smell of almond thanks to almond oil. I personally love the smell of almond, so to me every time I opened one of the items it was heavenly.

I like that Drunk Elephant is a clean beauty brand, but this doesn’t mean I liked everything in the collections when it came time for a review.

Some of the products work well only using a little bit of formula, but not all of them.

Favorites: Tangle Spray, Body Cleanser, Body Lotion

Least Favorite: Scalp Scrub

Wild Marula Tangle Spray

This tangle spray was my favorite Drunk Elephant product from the assortment.

I’ve been using the same de-tangling spray for years and this one was good enough to get me to want to replace it.

I tested half of my head with my existing tangle spray and the other half with the Drunk Elephant tangle spray. The results were the same: easy-to-comb hair. I tried multiple times to make sure I wasn’t just over-excited at the initial result, and each time both sprays worked equally well. But for me what gave the Drunk Elephant spray the edge over my existing spray was the scent, plus the fact that it’s a cleaner formula.

When comparing the cost to ounces, the Drunk Elephant spray ended up being more expensive than my other spray, but not significant enough to make it not worth it. I would 100% buy this on my own. Bye old tangle spray!

Wild Marula Tangle Spray | Charmed by Camille

Kamili Cream Body Cleanser 

The amazing almond smell faded once I lathered this body cleanser, so I was kind of sad about that. But, if you love foamy suds in a body wash like I do, then you’ll like this a lot!  This was my second favorite item from the new DE product assortment.

I use a loofah and found that I didn’t need to use a ton of product to gets all of the suds – maybe a nickel size worked for me multiple times. My skin definitely felt cleaner and fresher without that dried out sensation that can often happen with cheaper drug store body wash.

I would buy this body cleanser again, but before you get sticker shock just know that it’s $20. However, it’s a decent size bottle and I think this will last a long time as long as you’re not overdoing it on the squeeze every time you shower.

Sili Body Lotion

You can use this body lotion on dry and wet skin. I love products that give the user some flexibility. The fragrance is subtle when applied to the skin, and it’s definitely stronger in the bottle. But for body lotion, I was totally fine with this. I don’t want a body lotion scent to interfere with a perfume, so for me this was actually a plus. 

I really liked the consistency of this body lotion; it’s not too thick or thin but it’s easy to spread. I didn’t feel sticky after applying it. Overall a good product that I would buy every now and then.

I don’t think it necessarily works better than Aveeno or Jergens, but it’s a nice treat a few times a year and definitely cheaper than other fancy brand body lotions. (The body wash and the cleanser would both make good gifts, too!)

Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream

Remember up at the top of this post when I talked about how certain products might not work for me, but they might work for you? That’s this deodorant.

Maybe this is TMI, but in terms of providing an honest review on this Drunk Elephant product: I have overly sweaty armpits. I always have, and I think I always will have this issue. I need the strong stuff, so in general I am not a good candidate for any natural deodorant. (Or maybe this means I am one, who knows.)

The formula was interesting to me. It’s a cream rather than a solid, so it left me feeling like I had wet armpits instantly. I didn’t care for that. The smell was great though (no surprise to me here), and the fragrance did stay upon application, if only for a little bit.

Overall this didn’t work for me because I felt like I needed to reapply within an hour. But, if you don’t get that sweaty and you’re in the market to trying a natural deodorant, maybe you’ll like it. 

Drunk Elephant Review Sweet Pitti Deodorant - Does it Work? | Charmed by Camille

Cocomino Glossing Shampoo

This shampoo foamed really nicely which I liked and often doesn’t happen when it’s free from lots of the bad stuff. My hair felt clean, but not the cleanest it’s ever felt after shampooing. 

I have a shampoo by Kerastase that I absolutely love, so for me when comparing it to that one, it didn’t work better.

It is, however, a great middle of the road option if you’re looking for something nicer than a drug store brand but don’t want to spend a ton of money on designer shampoo. (I wash my hair 3 times per week, so shampoos last longer for me than someone who washes their hair daily.)

Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner 

I had the same feeling with this conditioner as I did with the shampoo; it did the job but I wasn’t overly “wow-ed” by it.

At first, the conditioner seemed to hydrate my hair almost immediately, but it absorbed just as quickly. This left my hair feeling normal within seconds.

I have a Davines conditioner that hydrates my bleached dry ends so wonderfully, that this conditioner didn’t come close to my current one at all. 

My Davines conditioner is much more expensive, but you don’t need to use as much product as the DE one, and it works better. Again, I don’t use conditioner every day, so my conditioner lasts longer than a daily hair washer.

TLC Happi Scalp Scrub

I was so excited to this scalp scrub, but it was my least favorite of the Drunk Elephant items I set out to review. 

Here’s why I was not a fan of this at all:

  • I think you have to use a lot of this product for it to be even the slightest bit effective
  • You also have to have a spare 10 minutes prior to showering because this scalp scrub has to go on dry hair and sit before you wash it

As a note, I have a ton of hair. Maybe if you have fine or less hair it’ll work for you. Just something I wanted to share as a consideration. Sephora reviews seem to be pretty decent so maybe it just didn’t work for my hair type, or I used it wrong.

I have the scalp scrub by Christophe Robin. You only need about a teaspoon, and you can use it in the shower prior to shampooing or as shampoo – you don’t have to sit anywhere for 10 minutes to get it to activate. Yes, my scalp scrub is expensive. But you should really only use it once a week, and you have the convenience of using it in the shower. Plus, to be totally honest, it just works significantly better than this scalp scrub and I am willing to pay more money for an item that works really well.

Have you tried any of the body or hair care products by Drunk Elephant?

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