Denim Classics

As fun as it is to play dress up in my photos, sometimes you have to go back to basics. Denim has always been a part of my wardrobe – I’ve worked at a denim companies and so it’s safe to safe I have a special place in my heart the fabric. When you have to wear denim to work for about 5 years, you figure out great ways to wear it. I truly believe you can wear denim anywhere. Okay, almost anywhere… don’t show up wearing it to a wedding or special event a la Britney and Justin.

Denim Classics | Charmed by Camille

Denim Classics | Charmed by Camille

And surprise! Here is my first outfit post with my new pink hair! It’s faded a little bit by now and is a beautiful pastel/cotton candy color, but I’m going to refresh it next week back to this magenta hue. Sometimes I feel like I was meant to be born with pink hair. Everyone should die their hair a fun color just once, if for no other reason than to spontaneously give their locks. Plus, it’s semi-permanent and washes out in a week and a half.

I digress. Back to denim. Denim can take you from day to night, casual to dressy. For a no-fail daytime look or even an easy weekend outfit, you can try what I did here by pairing a chambray shirt with slim straight leg jeans. When you’re wearing denim on denim, just please, please be sure that the two colors are different enough to look deliberate. If they are too similar in color, it’ll just look like you tried to match… and failed. Nobody wants a Canadian tuxedo. I repeat, nobody.

Denim Classics | Charmed by Camille

I recently purchased these Madewell jeans and they are quickly rising to the top of my favorites list. The quality is great (they only stretch out a little, but not enough for me to have gone down a full size), and they are a little cheaper than premium brands. You’ll save about $50 – $70 on these vs. the other guys for just about the same quality.

Nordstrom and Shopbop also have great denim selections, and the free shipping and returns from both stores makes it easy to try on a bunch at home (I cannot stand a fitting room mirror) and then send back the ones that don’t fit.

Denim Classics | Charmed by Camille

Denim Classics | Charmed by Camille

A chambray shirt also looks great unbuttoned and over a plain t-shirt as a lightweight layer when it’s too cold for anything more. What are my other denim classics?

  • A denim jacket – it will literally go with everything.
  • A light boyfriend pair of jeans for summer and transitional weather. You can wear a lightly washed out pair with nude and tan just as well as black
  • A skinny black pair of high rise jeans for nighttime

Denim Classics | Charmed by Camille

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