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Happy Birthday to me! Not me me, but me the blog. Last November, I officially decided to take Charmed by Camille from a hopeful freelance wedding invitation website (yes! I do freelance graphic design!) and completely change courses by turning it into a fashion blog.

Black Jumper | Charmed by Camille

Black Jumper | Charmed by Camille

Today I thought I would get a little personal by sharing with you why I turned Charmed by Camille into a fashion blog, and the things I learned in the past twelve months of this journey.

When I look back on different paths or behaviors in my past, it’s kind of no surprise that I ended up blogging about clothes.

The entire beginning of my career was in the fashion industry, but my love of fashion began way before this. When I was little (we are talking elementary school here), I would tote around a spiral notebook and draw fashion sketches of outfits. When I got to middle school, I turned into a bit of a brand snob. Everything had to be Roxy. Even my digital sport  watch and socks had to be Roxy. There wasn’t a day in the sixth grade that I couldn’t be found in a pair of board shorts and coordinating top. (Limited Too came in close second). 

Black Jumper | Charmed by Camille

Black Jumper | Charmed by Camille

I think it may have been my freshman year of high school though when I openly admitted to just loving clothes. My family took a trip to Paris, and the moment I stood in front of the Chanel store, my view of fashion changed forever.  There was more than one occasion when I overdrew my independent little checking account containing my allowance because I overspent on clothes. Upon the bank’s phone call to my mom, she made me immediately return everything. I was on yearbook in high school and in college. My dream job was to become the layout editor of a fashion magazine (which, in an ideal world, is still my ultimate dream job).

After many internships in the fashion industry and 5 years working at premium denim brands, I ended up in skin care. Last year, I think I really started to miss being “in that world” and so began Charmed by Camille.

I also think that timing truly is everything, and prior to a year ago, I don’t think I would have stuck with this. I say this like I am some ancient old buddha, but now that I’m 29 it’s safe to say that I know what looks good on me and what doesn’t. I know my personal brand, if you will. So much so, that even my husband Matt can walk into a store and pick out things that are so spot on for me that it’s crazy. 

Black Jumper | Charmed by Camille


Which leads me to the next part of this long rant – things I have learned this past year blogging:

  1. It is SO hard. Having a full-time job and doing this on the side literally leaves me minimal time for everything else. I have a new found respect to anyone else who is also in this position, and applaud these people who have been able to stick it out to eventually turns their blog into a full-time gig. High five to you! I hope to be there with you some day!
  2. Only having minimal time means you get to cut out the BS. This could be anything. For me, it was losing a couple of friends. Sad at first, but I soon realized that I no longer felt guilty of not being around them when I simply just wanted to relax at home or had other plans. It also turns out that I ended up building better connections with some of my other friends. You know that moment when someone asks you why you don’t want to do something, and instead of making up excuses for not doing it, you  finally just say, “because I just don’t.”? This was my moment.
  3. Obsessing over the number of likes you get in a day will give you a headache. An actual, legit headache. There are weeks when I hover in the same 10 number range and it drives me insane. And then the next day I’ll jump up 20 or 30 and forget how annoyed I was about that no man’s land when I convinced myself nobody likes my content. Life has a funny way of throwing you surprises when you need them. 🙂
  4. That even though it’s important to think about post times, whether or not I should buy a top because I cant’t link it, if I should put something on Insta Stories, or any other blogger-related thought, it’s equally as important to take a day and do something that doesn’t need to be posted. Just last Sunday I went to Barry’s Bootcamp with my friend and then we spent all day shopping for nothing and everything. Not once did I think about a full outfit I wanted to put together or whether I should snap the obnoxiously early Christmas tree at the mall, and it felt AWESOME.
  5. To have fun. Because if you’re not having fun, then it’s probably time to go back to #2. You know how that one will end.

To all other bloggers out there reading this – what have you learned?


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    Helen said:

    Loved your story, lessons learned, and especially the part about the spiral notebook.

    • 11.15.16
      Camille said:


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