7 Investment Pieces That Are Worth The Splurge

Do you have some new found wealth due to holiday cash you received this Christmas? I always save some of my Christmas money but then splurge on something I wouldn’t normally buy myself.

It always feels good to treat yourself to something special. Often times, the extra money is worth it for the quality. Sometimes, it’s not. Make sure you know where to spend your cash. Here are 7 investment pieces that are worth the splurge. Since it’s the end of the year, you may even be able to get some of these on sale. Score!

Cold Shoulder Tops | Charmed by Camille

Black Heels – Up until this November, I never had a  good pair of classic black heels. I have always wanted a pair of black suede Manolo Blahnik heels and never bought them because the timing was never right. I always needed black heels at the exact time that I needed to buy other things (a dress for a wedding, a new car, a birthday present, etc). Every time I went with a cheaper version and every time they were uncomfortable. I kept repeat buying cheaper black heels because I didn’t want to drop $600 at once on shoes. I’ve probably spent more money on “cheaper” black heels than if I just bought these.

The key to investing in a pair of classic black heels is comfort. I’ve received a dozen designer shoes over the years (I’m very lucky on Christmas Day) and it’s not worth it if they’re too uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, comfort is everything, especially when you’re dropping major dough. For me, these Manolos are so comfortable that I even wore them to work and lasted the whole day. If you find a pair of heels that are comfortable, even if they’re pricey, just invest in them. Then save up to buy them in more colors. I promise that because they’re comfortable you’ll wear them and get good use out of them. I’ve already worn these black ones more this month than any of my other heels combined.

Lace Dress | Charmed by Camille

A Day to Night Handbag – Okay, so you may need more than just Christmas money here but it’ll be worth it. I’ve never been one to stuff my bags full, but I do always tend to have more in my “day” purse then when I go at at night. Compromise – find a purse that’s a little smaller than your everyday tote and a little bigger than that clutch that no longer fits your iPhone.

No matter what, avoid the trendy bag from the runway. Unless you already have a collection of classic and practical designer handbags, just don’t do it. Ask the salesperson what their best-selling silhouettes are, then go for one in nude, black, gray, or brown. I love this one in gray because the metal makes any day-time outfit feel fancier than it is. A bag that can transition from work to play means that you don’t have to go home first, and you only need one when you go on vacation.

The Velvet Trend | Charmed by Camille

Jeans – You do not have to go buy $500 jeans, but you should at least invest in a few good ones because they really do last longer than less expensive versions. I used to work in the premium denim industry, so I can tell you that it doesn’t really matter what brand it is. They all share the same resources. But it’s true that premium denim is nicer than regular denim. They work with the best denim mills in the world and put money behind investing in technology that helps denim keep it’s shape.

I always feel the most confident in my favorite pair of J Brand black high rise jeans. If you can only get one pair of nice jeans, get a pair of black ones. You can dress them up or down and black jeans work for almost every occasion. Madewell has some slightly less expensive ones that are still quality – I’ve recently discovered them and I really like the ones I have so far.


A Wool Coat – A few years back all I wanted for Christmas was this beautiful Theory wool coat. I still have it. A good wool coat in a neutral color will keep you warm but it’ll last forever. The better quality the coat, the longer it will last – meaning you won’t have to go out every year to purchase a new one. Go for a longer silhouette or a trench, or opt for a peacoat, and try to avoid and embellishments or fur. It will match with anything – even if you have to wear if over a dress to a winter wedding.

High Quality Weatherproof Boots – This is on the list as one of my next investment pieces. Wellies always work, but sometimes I just need want a real shoe to complete my look instead of a pair of rubber boots. Sometimes, I can’t get away with traditional rain boots depending on where I’m going (especially if I can’t or don’t have time to change). I have my eye on a couple of these versions that look like regular boots but can stand up to the rain. Get twice the mileage out of them and wear them when it’s not raining – nobody will ever know.

A Well-Fitted Blazer – You only need one of these, and it should be black. The “investment” here doesn’t need to be hundreds of dollars, the key is to just having it fit right. If you can’t find a blazer that makes you feel 100% in it, take it to a tailor (before removing the tags) and see what they can do to it. There’s no need to buy a $500 blazer if you don’t feel fabulous in it, (see shoe theory above). However, $20 or $30 extra bucks down the street can give even an old blazer new life. Zara blazers work for my body type and they run between $100 – $200.

A Little Black Dress – A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Don’t let this happen to you. A little black dress is timeless and you’re never over or under dressed in one. Find one that makes your heart sing and makes you feel like a million bucks. Whenever you find yourself staring at your selection for more than 10 minutes, grab that dress. If you have one dress that you just absolutely love, then you’ll always have something to wear. Bonus points if you add red lipstick. 


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